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The tools game developers need, with a few lines of code

With Colizeum`s SDK, game developers can access a full set of tools to create blockchain mobile games without hiring a blockchain developer team. Made so simple that any game developer can add Play To-Earn economy and tokenized game modes to monetize mobile and PC games.

Play To Earn Economy

Colizeum revolutionizes how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn at the same time, it allows players and the community to reward developers directly just by playing their games.

In-game assets as NFTs

Low-cost NFT minting on demand programmable, multilayered, time sensitive or locked content NFTs.

Tournaments As A Service

A set of smart contract SDKs that enable to develop multiplayer game modes in any game. All while allowing anyone to create and monetize tournaments.

Prediction markets

Built atop of the Colizeum Tournaments as a Service core, Prediction Markets are a direct extension of it enabling anyone to bid on the outcome of a tournament or more subtle ingame events.

Attention Marketplace

The core of the Colizeum ecosystem, the in store and in app attention marketplace is a tokenized vehicle for direct monetization of Gamers attention. All on chain, transparent, automated and permissionless.

NFT Marketplace

Mint and sell NFTs, Secondary market revenue, raise fond before the game is launched by NFT Presale

Save 12 months of development time and significant amount of money

Finally be able to monetize Tier 3 markets, scale player base without emptying their funds on ever-increasing user acquisition costs and monetize any attention inside the game.

MONETIZE any game any attention

Scale and profit

Flexibility & interoperability

Access more in depth information about each of the products in the Colizeum Whitepaper.

Development Roadmap

  1. Seed and Private Rounds Start

  2. Seed and Private Rounds Closed Raise target $4,937,500

  3. DYSTOPIA - COLIZEUM mobile game beta version published to AppStore & PlayStore

  4. IDO on TrustPad

  5. TGE on Gate.io

  6. SDK Beta Launch

  7. Dystopia: Battle Arena on Testnet

    Sold Out


  10. Dystopia Battle Arena Launch (P2E)

  11. CGOL Withdrawal & Gladiator Minting enabled

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