Colizeum economy is driven by deflationary utility token $ZEUM. There is a limited supply of $ZEUM tokens - 1'000'000'000. $ZEUM token is tied within the whole Colizeum ecosystem: every participant in the economy drives the demand for $ZEUM tokens.


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  • Gate IO
  • Pancake swap
  • Uniswap




Stake $ZEUM and earn up to

ETH Network


BSC Network


Stake $ZEUM — earn passive income!

Put your $ZEUM tokens to work for you and generate a passive income
while holding onto the investment for the long haul.

Where to stake $ZEUM?

Stake your $ZEUM tokens at vault.inc

What are staking options, and how does it work?

$ZEUM uses a “consensus mechanism” called Proof of Stake, ensuring all transactions are verified and secured without a bank or payment processor in the middle. Staked $ZEUMs become part of that process.

There are two types of staking pools:

  1. Single-sided staking pool (ERC20 & BSC).
  2. Liquidity staking pool:
    • BSC $ZEUM staked tokens will provide a liquidity pool for PancakeSwap
    • ERC20 $ZEUM staked tokens will provide a liquidity pool for Uniswap
Lockup period.

Each staking pool’s minimum lockup period is 1 month and the maximum is 12 months. Meaning you can unstake at any time. The longer you keep your $ZEUM tokens locked up, the larger your part of the pool and, as a result, your rewards.

What will be my rewards?

Colizeum has allocated 18'000'000 $ZEUM tokens for staking rewards (1'500'000 $ZEUM tokens per month).

Staking reward APY is dynamic.

Here’s an example:

If there is only one person who stakes, he reaps all the rewards from the chosen staking pool. As the amount of stakers increases, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) decreases. To maximize your rewards, it’s better to start staking from the very beginning.

Important: Liquidity Pool staking produces 4x higher APY than single-sided staking pool.

Are there exclusive rewards for $ZEUM stakers?

Appreciating loyalty to the Colizeum project, $ZEUM stakers will receive much more than great returns from staking. Each staker will automatically be enlisted for:

  • Surprise additional $ZEUM token airdrops.
  • Colizeum partner token airdrops.
  • Colizeum & it's partner NFT drop whitelist spots.
  • Higher-income rate from playing games on Colizeum Game Store.
  • Exclusive in-game quests & rewards from partner games.

The longer you stake, the more additional rewards!

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Colizeum’s $ZEUM has been audited and passed the review process by Solidity Finance.See the full audit in detail - here



Token holders will be the ones who will decide the future of the project, e.g. by voting which game should be onboarded into the Colizeum Game Store.


Investors and developers can stake $ZEUM token to increase their earnings.

Player Card minting

Anyone who will mint any Colizeum NFT Player Card will use $ZEUM tokens.

In-game credits

Developers can accept $ZEUM tokens to sell in-game assets and to unlock any in game content.

In-game NFT minting

Developers will need to use $ZEUM tokens to mint in game asset as NFTs.


Any tournament participant will need to use $ZEUM tokens.

Attention marketplace

Core currency in the Colizeums ad network. Stake $ZEUM to increase visibility in the ad network and buy ad placement directly from other games inside Colizeum Game Store.